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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to MeshLin FAQ section. We gathered some of the most common questions and answers below that help you to find your way among our products.
Our prepregs are produced of linen or other natural fibres (hemp, jute, kenaf etc.) and PLA (poli-lactic-acid). During the production of our sandwich panels we use cork, paper-, PP-, aluminium honeycomb, hdf fibreboards, plywood. We make the sandwich panels combining these materials and taking into account the demand of our customers. Anyag és funkció
Prepregs are composite materials that are made of fibre reinforced core materials and thermoplastic matrix, laminated at high temperature.Anyag és funkció
Prepregs are used by themselves or as surface materials in sandwich panels. They have the diversity of fabrics available in retail both in colour and pattern. Anyag és funkció
Sandwich panels are multi layered prefabricated building materials that consist of a low density core material and thin skin layers bonded on each side. Sandwich panels are used on areas, where structural rigidity and low weight is required. Anyag és funkció
Wall panels are made of sandwich structures and consist of 3 layers, a low density core material and two thin skin layers on both sides. The core material can be paper- or PP honecomb, cork and foam. Hdf, polistyrene, wood or plastic foam and / or prepreg layer are bonded to this core. Upper layer of our wall panels is flax in many cases.Anyag és funkció
Colour and pattern of the panels depend on the materials that are bonded on the surface. We use decor layer (colour- and pattern selection can be found in the carpenters’ product range) as well as flax material (we can choose from many colours and patterns). Our product range consists of panels with painted and lacquered surface treatments as well. Design
We can suggest several mounting possibilities. Please contact our colleagues, who can help you to find the best possible mounting method that fits your purposes. Gyártás és Értékesítés
We are dealing with the production of wallpanels in the first place, but when it is required, or depending on our capacity we can install the panels for you. Gyártás és Értékesítés
After appropriate preparation the wall panels can be mounted on any surface.Gyártás és Értékesítés
Wall panels can be found in several thicknesses from 15 mm up to 50 mm. Gyártás és Értékesítés
Depending on the upper layer, the wall panels can be cleaned with a wet cloth or can only be dusted. Szerelés és karbantartás
In choosing the raw materials as well during production we pursue to use environment conscious solutions. Raw material of our prepregs is flax, or other natural fibre (hemp and kenaf etc.), binding material is PLA (poli-lactic-acid). PLA is made of vegetable starch therefore it is biodegradable. Anyag és funkció
Some of our wall panels have good heat- and noise insulation capabilities. When choosing the wall panels it is necessary to decide, for what purpose you would like to use them.Akusztika és környezet
We produce our products for order. Please contact my colleagues by e-mail or phone! Gyártás és Értékesítés
Depending on the surface treatment, we produce our wall panels in different sizes. Please click to the following link to choose size-, colour- and composition of sandwich structure. Gyártás és Értékesítés
Production date is 3 -4 weeks from the order date. In case of products with unique demands the production date may be different. Gyártás és Értékesítés
It is possible to exchange the panel. Please contact our colleagues when needed! Szerelés és karbantartás
Currently we don’t have a showroom, but at the company’s site it is possible to have a look at the ready panels. Please contact our colleagues for an appointment! Gyártás és Értékesítés
Our panels can only be used indoor. Anyag és funkció
Certain wall panels can be used in wet and damp conditions, as the material we use to produce them is different from the material that is used to produce an average wall panel. Ask our colleagues for assistance!Anyag és funkció
When used as it is intended, the guarantee period is 1 year. Gyártás és Értékesítés


Need more information? Please contact our colleagues, who are ready to support you.