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About Us

When we talk about composite materials, we think about artificially produced materials in the first place. Composite structures can be found in nature, as they have been developed during millions of years. Structure of natural wood (strong cellulose fibres + hard lignin) or the human – and animal bones (strong, soft collagene + hard, but fragile apatite) have basically composite structures.

It is possible that the first man-made composite is the adobe (composition of clay and straw chaff). Fibre reinforced plastics have been used in many areas of the industry since the 60ies of the previous century.

Owners of Meshining Engineering Ltd. founded Meshlin Composites Ltd. in 2014 in order to become a determinative player of the composite industry in the area of sandwich structured composite plates (construction and decorative panels).

Our development strategy is defined towards wide range use of natural materials, as well as the improvement of fire- and water resistance of products. As a result we produce several biologically degradable and environment friendly products.

We are trying to preserve the natural character of the materials and are doing our best to assure versatility and long life of our products.